Game Leaderboard

1 RiggedyRekt 372,145 LXP
2 Trgz2 331,688 LXP
3 Forelli 164,992 LXP
4 BigTony 75,756 LXP
5 Kimiko 24,389 LXP
6 MoneyMaker 15,524 LXP
7 Smoker 11,215 LXP
8 TheLion 8,500 LXP
9 NGINX 8,000 LXP
10 Blamo 6,058 LXP

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Meyers Manx

Players Online

What is Midnight Mafia?

Starting your life as lowly Package Boy, slowly make your way through the fiery ranks to become the most feared Mafia Don around. Making friends and maybe some enemies along the way, you'll complete missions for your Crime Boss, participate in Organised Crimes against the state, shoot your enemies 6 feet under and obtain ultimate power and respect.

Need Help: If you've forgotten your username or you need help with something else, please email [email protected].

Players Online: 9
Players in Jail: 3

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